11 may. 2013

Listado de Cortos B

Este es un listado de Cortos donde hay alguna escena lesbica, o beso entre dos mujeres, o algo de subtexto...
Baby Cake (2010)
Baby Steps - 2014 Taiwan
Babysitting Andy  2007 Canadá
Back to Life 2009 USA
Back to Misery 2000 USA
Backstroke - 2007 USA
Back to life - 2009 USA
Badass Supermama 1996 USA
Bajo mi mirada
Baklava 2013 Argentina
Ballet Diesel
Bang bang je t'aime je t'aime 2013 Francia
Bar Talk
Bare Feet Land 2013 USA
Barefeet 2002 USA
Bast Whisp Between the Legs 2006 Rusia
Battle of the Colossal Women 2003 USA
Be Counted 2010 USA
Be Still  2010 USA
Beast  2002 Australia
Beauteous  2003 USA
Beaver run café
Becky, 1977  1994 USA
Bed of Fear 2005 Canadá
Be'einaim Atsumot  2004 Israel
Beer and Art 2000 USA
Before mine
Before I leave, When I Return, and In Between
Begin again
Behind the Curtain, the Hungry Hearts 2007 Noruega
Behind Closed Doors
Beloved Murderer
Below the Belt 1999 Canadá
Benni Has Two Mothers
Berated Woman 2008 USA
Berlin Beshert 2002 Alemania
Besos de hielo
Best Friends
Best Girlfriends 2010 USA
Betty Ballbreaker Comes Home from Work 2000 Noruega
Between 7 and 1
Between Tracks
Beyond Boundaries 2009 USA
Beyond Lovely
BIdenty crisis - 2011 USA
Big Thing! 2008 USA
Billy's Dad Is a Fudge-Packer! 2004 USA
Bird in the Hand 1992 USA
Bishonen… Beauty
Bitch and Butch
Black and White Laws in a Colorful World 2012 USA
Black Aura on an Angel
Blanca tu humedad
Blind Date
Blink 182: Greatest Hits 2005 USA
Block Party
Blonde shell
Bloody Well Done 1992 Alemania
Blow 2002 Australia
 Blue Diary
Blue Romance
Blue Yarn 2011 USA
Boi Hair
Bombay Longing 2005 India
Bombshell 2013 USA
Bondage Prison 2011 Canadá
Bonne bourre 2006 Francia
Bonne fête 2005 Canadá
Bonnie + Bonnie
Bopha Pitorng Chhomnas Tekpleang 2012 Camboya
Born Queer: Dear Doctors 2004 USA
Bottoms Up
Bouddhi  Bouddha
Bounty 2011 USA
Boxes in  (2007)
Boy 2014 Dinamarca
Braids on a bald head
Breakfast with Gus 1997 Canadá
Breaking Up Really Sucks 2001 USA
Breaking Up
Breaking Up Really Sucks

Breeders 2009 Australia
Brincos de Estrela
Brooklyn's Bridge to Jordan  2005 USA
Buenos Días
Bullied 2010 USA
Bumming Cigarettes 2012 USA
Bus Stop
Butch Date 2008 USA
Butch Mystique 2003 USA
Butch or Femme? 2005 USA
Butterfly Caught
Buttery Top 2009 USA
Butthole Lickin'
Bye Bi Love

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