11 may. 2013

Listado de Cortos T

Este es un listado de Cortos donde hay alguna escena lesbica, o beso entre dos mujeres, o algo de subtexto...

  T is for Twing
Tai Chi for Tipplers 2006 Sudafrica
Take It/Break It 2011 Eslovenia
Talking in Tongues  2006 Noruega
Tantalize 2001 USA
Tanz ins Glück 2008 Suiza
Tarjeta roja 2003 España
Tatu Performance
Teaching Teo
Tears of the Goddess
Tech support
Technicolor Kiss  2006 USA
Tel père tel fille 2007 Francia
Telememories: A Lesbian Love 2007 Italia
Telephone 2010 USA
Tell Mama 2007 Suecia
 Tell tale vibrator
Tengo un secreto
 Thank god
The 6 Month Rule 2009 USA
The A-Z of Dating 1996 UK
The Admission
The African Campaign 2011 USA/UK
The Agony of Beautiful 2005 USA
The Amazing Amazons  2005 Canadá
The Angelmakers 2005 Hungría/Holanda/UK
The Apple 2008 Francia
The Archivist
The Awakening 2013 USA
The Bath
The Bed 1968 USA
The Bench
 The Best is Yet to Come
The Black Plum
The Blood in My Veins Is Blue 2005 USA
The Breast of Times
The Breast of Times 2003 USA 
The bridge game
The Call 2007 Canadá
The Capsule 2012 Grecia
The catch
The Ceremony 2005 USA
The Check-Up
The closer we get
The Coffee Klash 2012 USA
The coming of sin
 The Coming Out
The Complex  2002 USA
The Courtship
The D Word
 The Defenders
The Delegate 2006 USA
The Devotion Project: Foremost in my Mind 2013 USA
The Devotion Project: Listen from the Heart 2012 USA
The Dinner Party
The Doctor's Daughter Or The Secret And The Lie
The Donor 2008 USA
The Dyke and the Pornostar  1994 UK
 The Eater (La mangiatrice) 2010 Italia
The edge
The F Word  2000 Australia
The false intigue
The favery thorn three
 The Female Closet
The First  2008 USA
The First Date 2012 USA

The Flight 2012 USA
The Fragile Skin 2000 UK
The Frog Princess 2004 USA
The Grass Is Greener 1999 UK
 The Gay Graduate
The Gestrure (2010)
The girl and the hole
 The Girl Bunnies
The Green Hour
The hidden people
The Hope Chest 2007 USA
The Hungry Hearts Performance 2007 Noruega
The Ice People 2000 USA
The Incredible Dyke
The indelicate balance
The Insomniacs 2008 USA
The Invitation
The Kiss 2013
 The Last Day 2007 Canadá
The Last Visit 2007 Canadá
The Lesbian Centennial project
The lesbian breakup
The lesser of two evils
The Letter 2009 UK/Alemania/Brasil
The License 2009 USA
The lights & her shadows
The Match 2009 USA
The Morning After 2007 USA
The Model Hunters 1970 USA
The Mermaids
The Nearly Unadventurous Life of Zoe Cadwaulder 2004 USA
The Out-Sider 2012 USA
 The Outer Limits
The Painted girl 2013 USA
The Pagan Queen
The Party Favor 1995 USA
The Passionate Spectator 2003 UK
The Perfect Man 2007 Suecia
The Perfect Ones 2006 USA
The Perfect Score
The Piper 2005 UK
The Pool at Dusk 2007 USA
The Portside
The princess of Nebraska
The Prom Date 2009 USA
The Reality Behind Closed Doors 2009 USA 
The Reason Behind Me
The Red Apple 2004 Grecia/Japón
The Refusal to Conform to Fashion Runs Deep 2003 Alemania
The Replacement 2012 USA
The Right Hook 2000 USA
The right to be different
The Roe Effect 2009 USA
The rules
The Science of Love 2005 USA
The Secret Life of Dafna Ganani 2003 UK
The Sex Scene  2010 USA
The sheep and the ranch hand 2009 USA
The Sister Wives 2011 USA
The Still Life
The Storm 2007 USA
The tale of a fairy
The Tampon Manual 2003 Corea del Sur
The Tealt
The Ten Rules 2002 USA
The Terrorist She Freaks of Texas
The Thing About Madeline
The Third Party  1997 UK
The thorny Rose
The Touch 2007 USA
Touch me 1993
The Undergrad 2004 USA
The Uninvited
The Vibrating Maid  2000 USA
The Vicious and the Delicious 2008 Australia
The Village Idiot 1992 USA
The Writer - ThrillFest 2010 USA
The YoYo Gang 1997 Canadá
There is no silence
This Boy 2002 Canadá
This Is the Girl 2007 Francia
This Town's Called Crash 2005 Canadá/USA
This Marching Girl Thing 1995 Australia
Those who love me can
Three 1979 USA
Tiden imellom 2010 Noruega
Ties of Friendship 2002 USA
Till death do us Toby
Time, a mysterious
 Tina Gets Her Man 1998 USA
Tina Paulina living on Hope Street
Tiny and Ruby: Hell Divin' Women 1989 USA
To A Lost Memory
To Comfort You 2009 USA
To LA with love
To London
To Know Her
Tomboy 1994 USA
Tools 4 Fools 2009 USA
Toothbrush Tango 2004 USA
Top of the World 1997 USA
Top of the World 2006 Israel
Top stop
Tormento placentero
Torn 2008 USA
Touch 2006 Canadá
 Train station
Transazioni 2004 Italia
Transit 2004 USA
Traveling Companion 1998 USA
Tremblement de chair 2004 Francia
Tremble & Spark 2009 USA
Triple Minority 2005 USA
Truth or drink
Trukulutru e il sogno azzurro delle principesse
Tsuyako  2011 Japón/USA
Turning point
Twisted Sheets 1997 Canadá
Two Faces in the Crowd 2006 Alemania
Two beds 2010 USA
Two Girls and a Baby 1998 Australia
Two Juliets 2010 USA
Two-Spirit People 1992 USA
Two Spirits  2008 USA
Two stories
Two Story House 2003 USA

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