11 may. 2013

Listado de Cortos H

Este es un listado de Cortos donde hay alguna escena lesbica, o beso entre dos mujeres, o algo de subtexto...

Half Awake
Half-Laughing 2003 USA
Hammerhead 2009 UK 
Hamilchama Haashnia
Hand-some 2004 USA
Happenstance 2007 USA
Happy Birthday 2008 Canadá/USA
Hard to Know 2003 UK
Harigata: The Alien Dildo That Turned Women Into Sex-Hungry Lesbos 2005 USA
 Harlequin Exterminator
Hartes Brot 2000 Alemania
Hausnummer 15 2004 Alemania
He/She/It 2004 UK
Heart cracket open
 Heart Rock Point 2010 USA
Heatwave 1994 UK
Hechos, no promesas!  2005 Costa Rica
Heighs - 2014 USA
Heldinnen der Liebe 1997 Alemania
Helping Hand 2008 USA
Hell hath no fury
Hello, my name is lesbian 2009 Dinamarca
Henna Night
Hens and Chicks 2010 USA
Her 2005 Canadá
Her name is Ava
Her  own way
Her Urge 2000 USA
Here's to the Ladies Who Munch 2012 USA

Het rijexamen 2005 Holanda
Hevalino 2003 Argentina
Hidden 2005 Suecia/UK
High Heels on Wheels 2006 USA
Hilo de melancolia
Hineini coming out in a Jewish High School
His Name Is Cosmo 2006 USA
Histórias Lésbicas 2004 Brasil
Historia de…
Historia de una lesbiana pasada de moda
 Histoire Belge
History Lessons
Hjem til jul 2000 USA
Hjerteklipp 2006 Noruega
Hlavolam 2010 Républica Checa
Hoi Maya 2004 Suiza
Hold back the night
Hold on Tight 2011 Irlanda
Hold Up
Homo Baby Boom 2009 España
Homocore Minneapolis 1999 USA
Homoworld 2010 UK
Homotipos 1
Homotipos 2
Honey Bunny 2004 Francia
Honor 2012 Alemania
 Hooked  Pescuit Sportiv
Horsepower 2001 Canadá
House Hunters
How Beatrice Came Clean
 How Do I Say This I am Gay
How Mermaids Breed 2002 UK
How the Grinch Stole my Heart (and my favorite sweatshirt)
How to Become My self
How to get a Wellesley Girl
How to Make a Heartbeat  2009 USA

How to Win a GLAAAD Award 2010 USA
How to Dress Well - Ready For the World 
Hubby/Wifey 2005 USA
Human Potential 2008 USA
Humidity 2000 USA

Hummer 2003 USA
Hung 2005 USA
Hurts Like Love 2011 USA
Hven du end er

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