11 may. 2013

Listado de Cortos I

Este es un listado de Cortos donde hay alguna escena lesbica, o beso entre dos mujeres, o algo de subtexto...

(In)Visible Women 1991 USA I can see queerly now
I Don't Know Why I Love You 2004 USA
I Fred
I'm Jim Young
I'm Starving
I Know
I, Lesbians
 I Love Rachelle's Coffee
I love Veronica Martin
I Saw Patrick Last Night 2009 USA/España
I Wanna Be a Butch 2003 Bélgica
I Want to Join the Police 2010 Polonia
I wish You Would
If Every Girl Had a Diary 1990 USA
If She Grows Up Gay 1983 USA
If She Only Knew
If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home by Now
If we're lucky
 Illustre inconnue
Ils seront forts, elles seront belles 2010 Francia
Im Fluss 2008 Suiza
I'm OK 2007 Corea Del Sur
I'm So Excited
 Im sommer sitzen die alten
Imatges d'un réflex
Immaculate Conceptions: Inside a Lesbian Baby Boom 2007 Canadá

Immoral Desires 2010 USA
Impact (2012)
In Between a Kiss
 In Dit Teken 1949 Holanda
In God's House: Asian American Lesbian and Gay Families in the Church 2007 USA
In Memory of Me 2006 USA
In My Shoes: Stories of Youth with LGBT Parents  2005 USA
In Search of the wild kingdom
In Sickness and in Health

In Summer They Sit
In the company of women
In the Bathroom 2005 USA
In the Closet 2007 Noruega
In Their Absence  2004 USA
In Through the Outdoor 1999 USA
In Twilight's Shadow 2008 USA
In Winterlight 1974 USA

Incidences 2012 Francia
Incidental journey Haijiao tianya
Inclinations 2005 USA
Incredible girl
Independent Little Cuss 1996 USA
Inercia fria
Infinite Breath
Inkanyezi yobusuku 2008 Sudafrica
Inner Turmoil 2005 India
Innocence Remains
Intent 2003 USa
Intersect  2009 USA
Intersex Exposition: Full Monty 2003 Australia
Interviews with My Next Girlfriend  2002 Canadá
Intrepidíssima 1996 España
Intrusion 1999 USA
Invitation 2003 Australia
Irene (2011)
Iridiscencia masculina
Is Your Wife a Secret Lesbian? 2004 USA
It only takes a minute...
It's a Mitzvah
It's not easy beig green
It's That Age 1990 Israel
It Was Like That
It Wasn't Love 1992 USA
It's Who We Are

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